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Libra New Moon: October 7, 2010

The New Moon in Libra has arrived again, so it is time to balance and harmonize our consciousness with the collective mind. The balancing process began during the Fall Equinox, and now it is our turn to personally harmonize with the greater field.

Understanding how the Libra New Moon orchestrates the creative potential in the Fall Equinox chart shows us how we can balance with the outer flow.

The Fall Equinox chart indicates that creativity in community is flushing out old structures as people realize that nobody is going to solve their problems for them; getting to work at the grassroots level feels compelling for many. Let's study the Libra New Moon looking for ideas of how we can each activate ourselves this fall.

The Libra New Moon chart is very striking and also difficult to interpret because the essential elements are all in close pairs!

The only other aspects are a few squares between the pairs. With planetary pairs, the expressive potential is a combination of the two elements.
Since this fall's agenda is creating reality in communities, perhaps these pairs contain instructions for bringing people back together?

I sense this is a good thread to follow because the coming Full Moon in 29 Aries on October 22 expresses the quintessence of Aries/Libra harmonics.

We begin with the New Moon's Libra vibration and then stretch it out to the maximum potential as the Moon comes to fullness; these two weeks will be very tense, dynamic, and creative.

This is the third and last "Super Moon" with very strong telluric powers, and the New Moon (which is a pairing of the Sun and Moon) has no aspects for a third time!

When the New Moon has no aspects, it hovers in the sky with nothing else influencing it, so its basic nature is very dominant. In this case it's in Libra, and the need to balance our core identity (Sun) with our feelings (Moon) in relation to outer influences is very strong.

Are your feelings aligned with your sense of self, and how does this fit with everyone around you?

We are really going to need our various partners this month, since partners can often see what we are, and then they mirror that information back to us if we allow it.

Pay special attention when somebody close is trying to get your attention, because they want to offer you advice that you probably really need to hear.

Of course, each New Moon is a solar/lunar pairing, which has a positive and a negative side. With the Sun and Moon paired, the negative side is that we feel like we are what we think we are, yet we wonder whether what we feel we are is merely the mask of ego. Many feel lost during the New Moon. The positive side of the solar/lunar conjunction is that a new potential comes with the New Moon that we can detect and feel.

Depending upon how aware we are, we have the power to create things with this new seed. I cannot emphasize enough how using this power can enhance your life. We are organic, and the monthly meeting of the Sun and the Moon is a recurrent moment that maximizes creativity and emotional growth.

Learning to understand planetary pairing seems to be the point this month. Most of you will pay attention with Mercury and Saturn closely paired in Libra six degrees before the New Moon.

When Mercury and Saturn are traveling together, they carry on a long discussion about the meaning of the other one.

Saturn focuses on core identity while Mercury struggles to verbalize and conceptualize what it might be.

Who am I? Why am I here now? What am I supposed to do in the world?

In Libra, we wonder, how can I offer my skills for peace and harmony?

Discussions about planetary pairs are usually very confusing. During natal readings, they can be time-consuming Catch 22s, since living with them has been enigmatic for the person getting the reading.

Well, they are confusing because they are very subtle (which is always true of the New Moon) and they are multi-faceted because they can function in both positive and negative modes. The sky lords are giving us a high dose of "pairing medicine" during this New Moon-maybe because working in pairs can help us remember how to function in community.

In a moment, I will explore the possibility that this pairing force is forcing us to face the East/West impasse. As I go on, just allow yourself to play with how these potential forces might assist you in forming and relating to your own community.

When Mercury and Saturn are paired, the negative aspect is: What we are thinking about seems to be the structure of the whole world, as if our minds make it up, and our mental chatter feels unreal as if it is not our own thoughts.

Positively, we have an uncanny ability to think our way through structuring processes, as if designing something in our mind could precipitate a form into visual-and eventually solid-reality. Mercury/Saturn paired can enable us to see our thoughts creating worlds, which in fact they do!

Then paired in Libra, if we see how thoughts create worlds, we get the benefit of the full polarity spectrum, the full creation range. Hmmmm, sounds like a potentially great way to kick off the Fall Equinox theme: creating community at the grassroots level! Also, Saturn/Mercury in Libra exactly square the lunar nodes-North Node in Capricorn opposing the South Node in Cancer-and Pluto is paired with the North Node.

A square to the lunar nodes always indicates a karmic crisis, so individuals who are inspired by this enigmatic pairing of Mercury/Saturn in Libra are going to be impelled to let go of old security (Cancer) and adopt new forms and structures (Capricorn) in community.

Esoterically, as the tired obsession with security is released, remarkable structures may just appear like magic.

Mars and Venus close together in Scorpio are in the middle of a very interesting dance that involves three conjunctions: The first one was August 20 when Iran powered up its nuclear power plant; the second was October 3; and the third will be in Taurus on May 13, 2011, during the Universal Underworld.

Venus goes retrograde on October 8 just after the Libra New Moon, which means we will see Venus pulling way back before Mars in the sky.

Venus will go direct and turn towards Mars on November 18, and then catch up to Mars in May 2011.

This means we will be working out complex community harmonics during this period, and people will have a lot of energy to accomplish hard tasks.

As already noted, Mars and Venus have been traveling close together in the sky since early August 2010 in Libra and Scorpio, which has inspired deep potential for sexual and relationship harmonics.

Their negative potential is to cause you to be so excessively androgynous that you lose your own delicate usage of your full feminine and masculine powers.

The positive side is that when you are in your feminine mode, you are very strong; and when you are in your masculine mode, you are very intuitive and magnetic. In other words, you know the real difference between male and female.

Adding more intrigue to this Venus/Mars dance, the upcoming New Moon in 14 Scorpio occurs on November 5 right after the beginning of Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld.

That is, as we move into the fruition phase of the Galactic Underworld, the Venus/Mars conjunction in 13-15 Scorpio during the Libra New Moon is exactly conjunct the following Scorpio New Moon. [I know this seems very arcane for those who do not know astrology, so just ignore the jargon. It is here so that astrologers can see that the dance in the sky during the end of the Mayan Calendar is extraordinary!]

The New Moon in Scorpio will germinate the Libra New Moon Mars/Venus conjunction. This would be the same as saying that male/female harmonics are coming into a new balance during the New Moon in Libra, and then during the New Moon in Scorpio, this new way of relating will inspire male/female balance in the whole world.

[I am part of a group planning Day Seven ceremonies with Carl Calleman. Without any astrological input from me, this group has been focusing on ways to create male/female balance. For more information, see]

This harmonic will change the world once we change it first at home.

Neptune and Chiron are paired a few minutes apart in 26 Aquarius; they have been a close pairing influence during 2008-2012, and the closest is from March 2009 through February 2011.

This conjunction makes them the main "prep team" for the Universal Underworld time acceleration of March 9, 2011 (as I already discussed in detail in the reading for the New Moon in Virgo). Here, we will consider the positive and negative influence of this pairing.

When in negative mode, we are over-amped by healing Chiron conjuncting spiritual Neptune. When we access core wounds from the past, we lose our boundaries and feel like the pain is in current time instead of in the past, the classic description of post-traumatic-stress disorder.

The whole point of my work with time resonation-examining events in past Underworlds that are being stimulated by current Galactic Underworld themes-is to show that we are responding to life in the past unless we are totally in the Now or current mode.

When in positive mode, Chiron conjunct Neptune is "chirotic," a word I coined to described "erotic timelessness".

When we are in chirotic mode, we know that inner pain and blocks are the past. We leave them there to slide into the Now, subsumed in Neptunian bliss; chirotic bliss drops us into core Now-ness.

Had enough of these aspects?

Well, we are still going here. Jupiter/Uranus are a pair, and their conjunctions are June 8 and September 18, 2010, and then January 4, 2011. Jupiter traveling with Uranus is the most potent force for big and radical transformation that exists.

During the first conjunction on June 8, there was great world tension over the Israeli blockage of flotillas carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The noted journalist Helen Thomas lost her cool right during the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and spoke out vehemently against Israeli control of Palestine.

As discussed in The Mayan Code, Palestine/Israel is the global vortex that generates religious wars on Earth. Inspired by the second conjunction on September 18, on the day before the Fall Equinox, President Ahmadinejad of Iran delivered an astounding call at the UN for world powers to end undemocratic decisions that are at the root of today's problems. He dared to discuss the "9/11 Time Lock" by asking the UN to probe the real truth behind this event which has resulted in so much separation and violence.

During the potent and lasting influence of Jupiter conjunct Uranus, Ahmadinejad insisted that Western powers have used 9/11 as an excuse to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.

The American delegation walked out, since what he said is unspeakable to them. [Google "News Rescue" for the transcript of his UN speech on September 21, 2010.]

Considering Helen Thomas's outburst against Israel during the first Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, and Ahmadinejad's paradigmatic UN speech during the second one, the issue seems to be the need to achieve greater balance in the Middle East by January 2011 during the final conjunction. This is possible if the Western powers avoid attacking Iran.

October will be tense because Pluto in Capricorn squares Jupiter conjunct Uranus, which could generate more warfare.

If the Western powers do restrain themselves this fall, then the violence vortex located deep within Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem will spin into peace just in time for the Universal Underworld in 2011.

Understanding the negative and positive influences of Jupiter-conjunct- Uranus is very important because this conjunction could destabilize and destroy everything in its path, or it can destroy useless old stuff and help everybody just change direction.

When we respond negatively, our whole world can just blow up, such as with Helen Thomas. She's had the ear of 5 or 6 presidents during White House press conferences when she provoked a lot of excellent controversy. About her own remarks on June 8, she said she wishes she'd said the same thing more tactfully. She is 80 years old, so perhaps her time is over, but I know I will miss this wise elder's scrutinizing questions. She did add herself to the long list of intelligent and influential people who are worried that excessive American support for Israel threatens the whole world. Positive influences of Jupiter-conjunct-Uranus have been startling events that change the playing field, such as the Afghani "Wikileaks" that occurred on July 26, when Saturn opposed Uranus after the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction.

Lastly, Pluto and the North Node in Capricorn are a widely spaced pair that will be exactly together in mid-November when we are in Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld.

Pluto on the lunar North Node inspires great transformations of the dark realms. In Capricorn, Pluto focuses his destroyer force on large entities such as corporation, governments, and military; that is, the tools of the Elite.

Pluto in Capricorn through 2024 will expose the dark nature of their planetary control.

The negative aspect of this pairing is too much conspiratorial thinking with too little action, while the positive side is exposure of secrets that have enabled the Elite to control the world.

The media may say that Ahmadinejad's comments about 9/11 are conspiratorial, but I think he is playing a major role in breaking up the 9/11 Time Lock

As you can see, these planetary pairs can help develop grassroots community action this fall. Understanding how to use these pairs positively offers subtlety and brilliance, and the ability to act with clear intention.

October 2010 is the last month of Night Six of the Galactic Underworld, which has been a time of radical change.

With this New Moon, consider using the powers in these planetary pairs to transform your local world and to hold images of Earth in peace in your minds.


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